Sponsor-Me Platform
Brand Sponsored SMS and System notifications
Once an opt-in database has been created the SMS Collect service can turn into a brand-sponsored service.

There are two modalities also, with prefix and automatic.

  • The prefix version, users will opt-in to certain brand that will be attached to a specific prefix. This prefix will go before the MSISDN of the recipient just as in the collect SMS, which will route the message to Merka's platform. The message will add a slogan of the brand sponsor to the last 25 characters (configurable) of the SMS for example. The opt-in process is one of the key factors that make this business relevant for the subscribers and for the sponsoring brand
  • The automatic Sponsored SMS version will be a complement of the Automatic Collect SMS. In this case some or all of the messages that couldn't be terminated by acceptance of the recipient can be turned into inventory for brands that could be interested in having a country or region-wide exposure
  • System notifications are an existing inventory in every operator and can be turned into an added revenue-generating service
Brand Sponsored SMS