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Merka works with the best creative developers, looking for the best choices for your brand in mobile strategies. We produce for multiplatform content iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, HTML5.
We assure the success of mobile strategies for our clients, working with Unkasoft, pioneers in advergaming and mobile marketing since 2004 and Delaware Group who is working in apps development since 2006.

Balance Display
This service allows subscribers to know their balance at all times without requesting it. The operator also can push other info as: Discounts, Promotions and advertising. This App allows to the Operator to have less IVR, SMS and USSD Balance Queries and more transparency to subscribers.

Pop-up Menus
An innovative SIM-residing solution that allows users to interact with a menu or offer a click-to-buy interface to services such as: discounts, data plans, roaming plans, etc.

Is the easiest way to receive and aggregate your tickets, users just have to download the application and will receive: Movie tickets, museums entrances, concerts and other events, tickets for airlines and/or coupons and discounts
Tick2go allows to create all kinds of applications focused on personal and professional use. This platform is continuously adapted to new technologies.
Promo2go allows the subscribers to receive in real time alerts of ads, promotions, discounts or coupons.
This app will receive the alerts through QR Codes or OTA.

Tailor made solutions apps
Merka has some of the most experienced developers, our offers goes from Promotional apps, Virtual Catalogues, Augmented reality, Images and Text recognition up to M2M solutions.

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